I Loved This book!

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I LOVED THIS BOOK! I am a huge fan of Christina Lauren, and was thrilled to see this book listed here. Christina Lauren has the perfect way of putting two random people together. I love the dry sarcasm, and the occasional banter that their leading characters have with each other. This book is up there when it comes to all of those things! I loved Holland. And I wished that she and I could be friends in real life. The relationship between Holland and Calvin was natural and seemed to be so easy between the two of them ( at first). It started out so innocently in the subway- and then it became so much more! The way that they spoke to each other, respected each other- and had fun with each other made each part of this book better than the last. The twist is when Calvins mom and sister come to New York to surprise him. Then the book takes a dramatic turn and I was worried about the fate of their relationship. Was very happy with how it ended and wouldn't mind reading another book about these two characters.