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What an adorable rom-com! I enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would have.

4.5/5 stars!

Roomies follows the journey of aspiring-writer-seeking-her-muse Holland and aspiring Irish musician Calvin as they begin a less than conventional marriage. Calvin and Holland meet in the subway in NYC where Calvin often plays his guitar after Holland conveniently memorizes his schedule to take the subway the days he'll be there so she can hear his music. After he helps her out when she's mugged one evening, she thanks him by getting him an audition in a Broadway musical her uncle is producing. Unfortunately, he can't take the job because he's been living in the US on an expired visa. After learning this, Holland offers to marry him so he can stay in the US and have his dream job.

I really liked Holland - she's a a strong female, but, like a lot of us, sometimes questioned and overthought where she was in life (was this really where she wanted to be? Was she doing the right thing? How could she get out of the rut she felt she was in?). She was refreshingly relatable.

Calvin is the book boyfriend we all love; cute, witty, sexy, sensitive, passionate, in tune with his emotions and, like every other guy, makes some dumb decisions that could've been avoided (it'd be un realistic if he was complete perfect lol) but redeems himself.

Although the plot itself was rather predictable, I enjoyed the way everything unraveled. Calvin and Holland's chemistry was sweet and sexy. Their banter was cute and hilarious. This book was a nice break for me considering I'd been reading a lot of darker, psych thrillers lately. I would've liked to have had some chapters from Calvin's POV, but all in all, I found myself laughing, my heart fluttering, aching, and being warmed throughout. This was the first novel I'd read by Christina Lauren and I look forward to reading more!