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Roomies was a cute and fast read, and would make an entertaining movie. Holland sees Calvin, a busker, frequently at the subway station, and she becomes infatuated with him. Holland also happens to have a famous music-director on Broadway uncle, who happens to be in need of a new musician. She brings him to the subway to hear Calvin, and the rest is history. Or... is it? Holland and Uncle Robert soon discover that Irish Calvin has overstayed his visa, and the only way Holland can see to get everyone what they want is to offer to marry him.

The book continues with Calvin and Holland committing visa fraud. Even though the story was cute, I wish that plot point had been different - what they did was very illegal, and that was just sort of glossed over by everyone in efforts to make sure Calvin could play in the show.

I liked the characters, mostly (aside from Holland's best friend) and enjoyed the story, just wish it hadn't promoted something so super illegal.