Christina Lauren is a master

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You can't go wrong with Christina Lauren's romance novels and this one is no exception. ROOMIES is one of my favorites of hers - following Holland and hot Irish musician Calvin, it's equal parts super sexy and super sweet.

While I found the meet cute a little unbelievable - like what a dream it would be to meet your subway crush in real life and then end up marrying them out of convenience?? Okay, maybe the marriage of convenience isn't a dream, but the rest of it absolutely is. Anyway, even with the unbelievable meeting, the budding relationship is super heartwarming. I was so glad that these crazy kids *spoiler but not really because it is a romance novel* worked all their issues out so they could be together!

I would recommend this to any romance reader, but especially to new romance readers. Christina Lauren is a great start to get into the genre!