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“I’ve never done this before. I just know that I’m falling for the girl I married.”
Holland has been sneaking into the subway near her apartment for months to watch a musician she has a big crush on perform.
One day she gets attacked by a drunk and Calvin, the musician, rescues her, but when the police shows up he dissapears.
To pay him back she gets him an audition for her uncle, a famous musical director on Broadway, but there is only a problem, he has been living with no visa in the country for years.
So they come up with the easiest solution, to get married.
Roomies is a beautiful, sweet and fun love story with Christina and Lauren’s unique writting style.
“Will anything ever be permanent?
What the hell I am doing with my life?
I only get one shot at this, and right now, I’m finding my value only in being valuable to others. How do I find value for me?”
“The thing about this music is that if you just stand there and listen, you’ll never appreciate it. You’re supposed to be a part of it — part of the party.”
“I think you might be the best girl there ever was.”