When in Rome

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Ahn Nhi Walsh has been through a lot lately. Weddings plans gone to the wasteside, no more fiance, and she's working as a PA in Rome, RI, not Rome, Italy where she wanted to be. She finds out that her ex's new fiance stole her wedding venue, wedding date, and the dress was altered to fit her! Her own grandmother's dress. While struggling to get out of the dress, Ahn (known as Annie) comes face to face with Emmitt Bradley, owner of the house she's leasing. Neither knew about each other and from the moment they met, you can feel the chemistry pour from the pages. Ahn has too much sweetness and kindness while Emmitt has bitterness coming from him. He misses is daughter, wants to be in her life, but the mother of his child has died and he can't get in with the step-dad and uncle. You can feel that Annie and Emmitt are destined to come together to help each other out.
I love this style of writing - clear, sharp, quick, witty, and packed with chemistry and desires. The plot is great, the characters are two forces that belong together, and I love the story thus far. I really can't wait to read more of the book (the whole book!) and find out what happens. It doesn't sound like this will be an easy road to romance and both characters are strong-willed. Marina Adair has written a great book that I can't wait to read!