The words adorable and fun don’t do it justice!

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This is one of the most cute, adorable, and fun books I have ever read. Yet, at the same time it deals with emotional and important topics such as grief, hurt, heartache and figuring out who you truly are and what you want. I think that the author dealt with these topics beautifully and anyone could find a valuable lesson out of this book. This book deals with a broken family, and how the characters put their relationships with each other back together. This was a very well-rounded book that expanded on many aspects.

It is also one that just puts a smile on your face. It puts you in a great mood. I loved the interactions between the different characters; it seemed so genuine. And the author does a great job at showing a character’s personalities through their actions. We really felt like we knew our characters and we could become attached to them.

I was also really happy that the perspective is from a person who works in the medical field. I don't think I've ever read a book that has that. It's very unique and something that I really enjoyed.

The romance wasn’t lacking, and I really enjoyed reading the main characters interactions with each other. They were just so cute and put a smile on my face. All the relationships in this book, from friends to family to lovers was developed amazingly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a fluffy, cute, feel-good read.