The PERFECT summer read!

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Every man that Annie finds herself dating, manages to find “the one” as soon as they break up with her. After Annie’s fiancé breaks up with her just eight weeks before their wedding day… she decides she’s had enough. She’s determined to construct a new beginning, devoid of anymore boyfriend disasters, in Rome where she’ll temporarily work in a hospital as a physician’s assistant.

It sounds like a dream until she realizes her destination is Rome, Rhode Island… not Rome, Italy. And she’s stuck sharing a cabin with an annoyingly hot male roommate, Emmitt. So much for a man-free, relaxing escape.

The story line is so refreshing and fun! The perfect summer read to bring along to the beach or pool. This isn’t your one dimensional, typical rom-com. Marina Adair takes two dynamic characters with their own baggage and need for self-discovery, to develop a solid relationship they didn’t even realize they were searching for.

Annie was such a lively character, I really enjoyed getting to know her through this story. As a Vietnamese American, adopted by two white parents, she brings unique representation to this genre of literature. It was important to see how her cultural insecurity was alleviated as the women at the hospital embraced her into their community.

Despite my appreciation for Annie’s characteristics, I believe Emmitt really developed the most throughout the story. The transformation from a smooth talking f***boy into a considerate and vulnerable man. I adore his relationship with Paisley (and her two other “dads”), providing the perfect side story to complement the central love story going on.

A slight issue I had was that Paisley’s age wasn’t very plausible. I think the book could have benefitted from Emmitt developing a father-daughter relationship with a much younger Paisley (perhaps 7-10 range?). Instead she was fifteen-years-old and inviting her dads to a HIGH SCHOOL father-daughter dance? Maybe my high school experience was different but I have a great relationship with my father and I would never expect to attend a father-daughter dance at that age. It just seems like an event that is more prevalent among the middle school or elementary age range.

The very beginning of the book was not as developed as the rest. Sometimes a situation would be explained in retrospect, irritating me as it lacked fluidity. However, I give this book a strong four stars because it was enjoyable and progressed in the best way. I highly recommend reading this one if you enjoy witty banter through sticky notes, a journey through self-discovery, and the most adorable relationships. If you feel romantically challenged (like myself) this book might just restore your faith in men!