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Such a fun read

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I was pleasantly surprised with this book. By looking at the cover, I was expecting it to be a typical, cutesy romance, but it was so much more than that!

The blurb on the back of the book describes it as, "Three Men and a Little Baby, meets 27 Dresses". I would have to agree. This book follows Ahn, or Annie, who hasn't had a lot of luck with love. She meets the man of her dreams, right before he finds the love of his life. She refers to herself as a fiancee trainer. After her ex-fiancee announces his engagement, mere weeks after breaking up with her, she decides to get a fresh start in Rome..Rome, Rhode Island.

That is where she meets Emmitt, the local ladies man. Emmitt comes home, after being injured working on a story, to find a woman staying there. Along with dealing with his living situation, he has to deal with his teenage daughter, who is suddenly into boys, and her 2 other "dads". Along the way, Emmitt and Ahn have to learn how to live with each other, while trying to figure out just where they belong.

Like I said, I thought this was going to be a cutesy romance novel. I was so wrong. Yes, it definitely had the romance. The flirting and sexual tension between Ahn and Emmitt was palpable. However, it was so much more than that. I didn't expect to connect with the characters on such a deep level. I laughed with them, and I felt their pain. To say I cried while reading this is an understatement.

I loved that it focused a lot on the themes of family and finding ones self, and where you belong. Ahn, who is Vietnamese, and doesn't fit into any of the typical stereotypes, was adopted by her very loving, and devoted, white parents. She feels like she doesn't fit into the Vietnamese world or the white world. This leaves her feeling lonely and unsure of herself at times. Meanwhile, Emmitt, who loves his daughter more than life itself, is trying to figure out where he fits into her life, while competing with her step dad, and her uncle. I loved seeing the journeys that they take, and watching them grow.

If you are a fan of romances that take you on a rollercoaster ride, in the best possible way, I would highly recommend this. It was quirky, emotional, and a bit steamy. Not only is this a book that I would read again, I am going to be looking up other books by this author as well!