Really fun read!

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Romeantically Challenged is an adorable romcom about starting over, love, healing and redemption. It gave me Three Men and a Baby vibes with some of the secondary characters and I could not have loved that more.

Annie needs a change after her fiancé calls of the wedding. She takes a temporary position in Rome. Except it ends up not being Rome, Italy. And her rental ends up coming with the owner, Emmitt, who came home early from his job overseas.

She has no choice but to keep living in the house with Emmitt until she can find somewhere else to live. Which leads to several hilarious situations but also them getting to know each other.

I really enjoyed these characters! Annie is strong and stands her own against Emmitts banter. And Emmitt has a much bigger heart than be ever leads on and his relationship with his 15 year old daughter gave me all the heart eyes! It’s a sweet and fun read that’ll still make you laugh in parts and feel all the feels in others!