Not Sure This Captivates Me

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Protagonist Annie seems like an interesting enough young woman to engage the reader. She is an Asian American who was adopted by Caucasian parents, and she is trying to handle the sudden, overwhelming disappointment with a called-off wedding. That emotion is certainly understandable. A reader will definitely understand also Annie's growing anger since her medical doctor fiance' ended it with a text, saying he wasn't husband material. However, for me, the story started to go sideways when Annie adds "Murder fiance'" to her phone calendar, conveniently forgetting that he shares the computerized calendar with her. Clark, the jerky ex-beau, is already engaged to another woman, AND he plans to use the same venue reservation paid for by Annie, AND his new soon-to-be wife had a custom wedding dress made from the treasured vintage gown of Annie's grandmother, a dress described as Annie's "most precious family heirloom." That's just the first four pages. Stop, stop. This isn't the book for me although I totally appreciate the time and effort the author put into the writing of this book.