Non romance reader love it

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I am not much of a romance reader. So when I got this I thought that I would give this a chance. Glad that I did. Ahn could be anyone of us. Her problems could be ours She is engaged to be married breaks it off. She learns that not only is her ex fiance getting married,he is using the same venue that they were going to get married in and his fiance is going to wear her dress.That just so happens to be her grandmothers that Ahn had restored so she could wear it. She is looking to get away from where she is living. She accepts a job that she thinks is in Rome Italy but she is actually accepting a job in Rome Rhode Island. Along the way she rents a place only to have the sexy owner return and ends up sharing the place with him. He like Ahn has problems being hurt on the job and wanting to return to work, he has a daughter that is being raised by someone else. It was a fun book to read.