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I loved the plot and the characters. I thought this romance was pretty unique overall. I immediately felt for Annie and was rooting for her. Her fiancé had recently left her and shortly after was engaged to another woman. They were also getting married on the same date/venue as Annie was supposed to. To top it off, her loser fiancé still owes for $10,000 for the reservation that he is refusing to give her until after his wedding. Annie has moved away for a change of scenery and has rented a house that is owned by a guy, Emmitt, who is out of the country on a work assignment. That is short lived because he gets injured and comes home to his apartment to see it has been rented out. Basically Annie and Emmitt become roommates, much to Annie's dismay. Emmitt is known as the town's playboy and Annie definitely wants no part in that.

As the book goes on, the relationship and hardships between these two grow. However, the side story lines about Annie's past/heritage, Emmitt's relationship with his daughter and father, and Annie and Emmitt's growth as individuals makes this book so so good!

I highly recommend this book! It is a great romance, but so much more! I just saw there is a second one coming out and I cannot wait! I will have to check out her other books as well.

I was lucky enough to receive a free ARC of this book from Bookish First in exchange for an honest review.