Funny, honest and raw, great read so far.

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The short sample I read, does what many don’t, and that is catches my attention and has me wanting more.

As a woman who has emphasized career over love, I am drawn to this story. I can relate to Annie, she is very relatable and her experience is more common than what social media and entertainment shows us.
The woman who invests herself in the potential of a man, helps him and grooms him, and suddenly he’s no longer interested, but shortly after finds his someone special.
It’s so unfair that like Annie many of us help the men for them to just leave.
We start to question whether or not, it is us. Like what are we doing wrong?

But when Annie meets Emmitt, oh my i was so excited to see. The writing is funny, sharp, and the authors voice is very clear. I would love to read the entire story!