Fun rom-com

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I always enjoy Marina Adair books and this one is no different. I laughed, cried and enjoyed this story. This is a fun beach read.
I loved the chemistry between Annie and Emmitt. Annie a PA has taken a temporary assignment to get away from her ex Clarke. He is marrying someone else but using the wedding that she planned for the two of them. Emmitt is a photojournalist who is injured covering an assignment in China. He comes home to recuperate. Annie ends up helping Emmitt with his physical therapy. Other characters in the book are Emmitt’s daughter Paisley. She is your typical teenage girl. Gray - Annie’s boss and Paisley’s step dad. Levi- Emmitt’s best friend but like Another dad to Paisley. Basically Paisley has three dads that look out for her. I loved the sassy dialogue between everyone. You will enjoy getting to know all the characters in this story.