Beautiful cover but a dull read!

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I’m sorry to say this book was a huge letdown. I was hoping for a fun light read but instead I found a book that was dull as could be and filled with mistakes. There were more typos than I’ve ever seen in a book and I had to figure out what it was supposed to say to read some sentences. I found it very off putting that Emmitt proudly refers to his love interest by her ethnic name Anh and argues when told by his friends she prefers Annie yet he repeatedly calls her Annie in his thoughts while calling her Anh in person. The worst part is that I had to force myself to try and read this book because I had absolutely no interest in it.

Both characters are fine separately and the plot sounded fun but the execution was terrible. Annie spends far too much time down on herself and rehashing her issues. At various points complaining to her friends is a large part of the story only for those friends to disappear. It felt very disjointed and needed a lot more editing. The reformed playboy is fine for Emmitt but he too lacked any substance and also dwelled too much on his various issues. The narration jumped back and forth between these characters but the book was at its absolute worst when the characters were together. They had absolutely no chemistry. I enjoy the slow warm up romance with heated banter but these two could not converse to save themselves or this book! This is a beautiful cover trying to disguise an awful badly written story. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.