An easy to read, sweet romance

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Anh Nhi (also known as Annie, just because it's easier to say) has a bad history with previous relationships. Everyone she has been with finds their one true love almost immediately after breaking up with her. She thinks she has found her happily-ever-after, but then her fiancé does the same thing...they break up shortly before the wedding, he then finds his person, and decides to get married on the same exact day he had previously planned. So, Anh does what many might do in the situation - decides to take a traveling PA job in Rome, a dream destination. Problem being, she doesn't fully read the job listing and she ends up in Rome, Rhode Island, where she rents a house from a surly (yet very attractive) man who is unexpectedly back from a photojournalism job in China.

I loved the dynamic between Anh and Emmitt, and their journey from enemies, to frenemies, to friends with benefits (and eventually more). Emmitt's daughter Paisley added a fun, spunky energy to the plot, and her multiple "Dads" in the picture had a great playful dynamic as well. This was a very quick, enjoyable read, perfect for summer/beach reading!