A Sweet Romance

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I’m this story, we are introduced to Anh Nhi (but she goes by Annie) at arguably the worst time in her life- right after her fiancé leaves her and prepares to get married to another woman on the same date & even the same venue as her wedding was supposed to be. She recently relocated to Rome, Rhode Island for a new job (more importantly a new life) thinking she was heading to Rome, Italy and had started living in a house when she meets Emmit Bradley- a Photojournalist recently returned from China after an almost life threatening injury while work on assignment. Annie & Emmitt become “reluctant” roommates when they are both faced with having nowhere else to go. Throughout the book, Annie & Emmitt spend their time forcefully together getting to know and understand each other as people. The reader sees how both characters grow as people because of each other. Emmit helps Annie conquer her “please everyone” personality and Annie shows Emmitt they family is worth not running away from when times get hard and shows Emmitt that his Playboy ways are not the way to find happiness.

I enjoyed this book for many reasons, but mainly because it shows how two people- living through different issues- can meet when they are at their most loneliest time and a romance becomes
Possible by simply being there for each other when needed. Something else that made this romance so unique were the theme of fatherhood through this story (Emmitt has a 15 year old daughter- her care taker is Emmitt ex’s husband and the ex’s brother). The reader is able to see how men can be fathers in all different aspects, especially when all men are grieving. In my opinion, I found that a lot of the book was about Emmitt and his role as a father and I truly couldn’t get enough of that story line.

This is a definite must read if you’re looking for love in a small town, men trying to navigate their way through fatherhood and a romance between two
People who met at the right (even if it
seems so wrong) time!