Middle Grade Fantasy

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I was really excited to get an early copy of this middle grade Jewish fantasy. When I realized the protagonist was also queer I was even more excited. Of all the genres I read I feel like fantasy gets the least diverse representation which is unfortunate. I loved that his story gave me a little bit of information about Jewish mythology, a topic I don’t know much about. Zach and his little sister are a flea market when she spots an old Jewish ring that Zach reluctantly spends 20 dollars on for his mother’s birthday. But that ring leads him on a journey he could never have predicted. I do think there is a little suspension of belief needed for this book, but it’s a fantasy story and I feel like that goes with the territory. I did wish the story had been a little longer so the characters could have more fully developed just a little bit. Overall though this was a fun and engaging story. I wouldn’t mind seeing more set in this world for sure.