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I genuinely enjoyed this story. I do think that it was a little face-paced at times but the general plot was really nice. I think it got easier to read the further I got in the book. However, this book is definitely not what I would normally pick up from the shelf but I am glad that I read it.

I'm not super up to date on the historical factors of the plot so I can't say how accurate the plot is but I was able to get lost in the story.

I could feel the love and heartbreak from Natalia and Rasheed. I also enjoyed the sibling relationship between Rasheed and Rasheeda. I also think that the element of multiple generations is a cool piece to include. It shows you the effect of the world around the characters on how they act and react to others and the environment.

I wish there was more to Rasheeda and David's story in the book because I found them to be really cute. I can understand that the book focused on Rasheed and Omar but I think it would have been cool to see how Rasheeda adjusted to living in London.