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I got the chance to read the first impression of this book on bookishfirst. And THEN was lucky enough to be selected as a winner.

First, I love the cover. The color caught my eye right away.I think this book was good! It was a great read, I enjoyed the characters and the writers writing style.

I am so happy I was given the chance to get a first impression - because I knew I had to read it. And it probably would not have come up on my book radar anytime soon.Historical fiction is my go-to genre. But to now read a book that takes place during the 1940's that is not centered around World War II is even more eye opening.

Rasheed and Rasheeda are twins in Palestine working at a family inn. The work closely with a priest to go more in depth with their Muslin beliefs. And then comes Natalie. A Jewish women that Rasheed falls in love with. Tensions and drama run high- for they are from two different worlds.