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This book was really good and beautifully written. The author did an excellent job at intertwining all of the characters together in order to create this book.

I thought that the setting was described pretty well. The author was good at pulling you into the book and getting you to understand what the characters were going through. The characters made you want to root for them. The story was extremely beautiful in itself and the characters really drew you into the story.
The one thing I wish the book would have done was to have Rasheeda be more involved in the story. While I liked Rasheed as a character, it did seem as though the whole story began to revolve around his life when Rasheeda was just as interesting. I felt like Rasheeda was built up and then just taken away.

Overall, this book was excellent. Thank you to BookishFirst and Greenleaf for giving me a copy in exchange for my review.