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I was so excited for this book, but ended up DNF'ing it at only 50 pages. The synopsis and first look seemed like it would be a lyrical tale of family and love. However, the first 50 pages were about how inquisitive Rasheed and Rasheeda were about sex. This just was not my cup of tea. Other people may love it, but it had too much sexual content for me, especially the part about the priest (not going into detail because of spoilers).

Also, I cannot find out if this book is translated or not, but it is not the lyrical book I was expecting. It felt like it was translated, and translated terribly. I felt like I was reading choppy sentences and choppy narration. This drew me out of the story and I could not stop focusing on how I felt it was poorly written. I felt like it was too choppy and told the readers what to think, and did not show the readers the story.