Conquering love and racism

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This book had it all religion and race and how two different cultures can work together and be as one together ! How Rasheed had fell in love with a catholic girl u til they were separated for
Many years and a friend came back and told him he had a son who he winds up raising with his sister Rasheeda thinking Natalia the love of his life had died , and falls in love with Giselle but then comes back and finds out his one true love is alive but stays with Giselle because she is the one he had loved for so many years ! His son becomes a doctor falls in love with Christina who get her gets hurt in a bad accident and she now feels she needs to go into the convent to rectify her mistakes of having sex before she is married but in the end leaves the convent to be with her man when he falls ill ! Excellent read so glad they I did read this book ! So glad I got to read this one was an excellent book I couldn’t put down