He's Just A Man ... A Regular Man!!!

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Candice Cox did a superb job in writing the accounts of Ted Conkaffey's false truth of being accused of Claire Bingley's (Claire is a child) rape and attempted murder. Conkaffey's arrest had such an impact on the community that the pressure of public opinion and the weight of circumstantial evidence led to his eight-month stay in prison; however, suddenly well into the third month into the trial proceedings, the Office of Public Prosecutions dropped all charges and entered a motion of No Billing, meaning he was not technically acquitted -not guilty but not innocent. Simply, there was not enough evidence to ensure a conviction; however, he could be re-charged at any time if and when new evidence could be acquired.
How many times have we seen, heard, and read of men and women being accused, convicted, and sentenced to a crime that they have not committed and only a small percentage have been exonerated of any wrongdoing??? What about those who are still locked away that have yet to prove their innocence!
I strongly recommend this book; I am definitely going to get the full novel ... I need to know more ... Is Ted really innocent or is he a monster???