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Redemption Point is the second Crimson Lake novel. While you could read this one as a stand-alone, there are major pieces of the story that carry over from Crimson Lake, book one. I think it's best to start at the beginning.

This story is told via multiple narrating characters. Ted's part is written in first person, and then we have several others written in third person. The flow works well.

Ted is an interesting guy. I have to say I liked him much better in this book than I did in the first. He spends far less time wallowing in self-pity, and more time seeking answers and putting his life back together. I absolutely love Amanda! For me, her character is the spark in the series. She's unique, a little crazy, a little broken, and a whole lot of fun.

We have two plots running consecutively. In one, Ted is forced to work the case of the abduction and rape of Claire Bingley, which he'd been arrested for the previous year. This storyline has some interesting twists along the way. I was happy to see this mostly resolved at the end, rather than it continuing to hang over Ted's head.

The second storyline involves the murder of the two bartenders. Amanda works this case, with input from Ted when he's available. While I thoroughly enjoyed Amanda's investigative tactics, I wasn't at all surprised by the who in the whodunit. For me, that part was a little too obvious from early on.

The two storylines work well together. Pacing is steady, and I enjoyed spending time in Australia with these characters.