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Tristan and Isabel met when they were young but after a tragic moment, he changes completely and decides to join the army, where everything will change for both of them.

When Tristan leaves for the army and after some times Isabel gets a letter from him deciding everything is over between them, she is devastated but tries to keep going with her life, that’s why she decides to start over in anew country.

Tristan’s past doesn’t exist for him, he is a weapon to eliminated what other can’t do. His last assignment is this girl that bring something in him that he can’t name. Thinking is some kind of key to his past.

He will take all the risks for this girl but will he do it because of what she could represent or because he cares about her?

“”Boy meets girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl decides she’ll break all the rules to be with the boy.” Sadness hits hers eyes. “Boy breaks girl’s heart. Girl never recovers.””

This is more about a second chance story. It keeps you turning pages to know what will happen with Tristan and Isabel and if they will make it, staying alibe or being together.

I can’t wait to continue reading the last parts to know how it will end for these two.