Unbearably Cliché

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Google the word cliché and you will find a picture of this book.

The hype and consistent rave reviews for this book (and series) had me so pumped to read it that I put off all of my pending reviews to dive into this one. I have never been so disappointed in a book in my life.

Based on the description and reviews I've read, I was expecting a fast-paced espionage type thriller. Instead, I got an eye-rolling Bourne Identity wannabe meets Harlequin romance (no offense to Harlequin intended).

Isabel is a troubled woman who has escaped her life in DC and fled to Brazil in an atttempt to forget the memories of the man she once loved, Tristan. Tristan, the typical romance novel tortured alpha male, is a soldier who has lost his memory and is now a hired assassin living in Brazil. What an incredible coincidence!

And guess who his next target is? Go ahead, I'll wait. Seriously, what are the chances?

What follows is a cat and mouse chase from the bad guys that want Isabel dead, including four descriptive sex scenes. FOUR in a 116 page novella, because, obviously, running for your life always makes a person horny. Who knew?

Honestly I feel like I must have read a different book than the other reviewers. Perhaps NetGalley messed up and had me download the wrong one. Needless to say, I am not compelled to continue this series.

I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.