Librarian vs. Reader: Red

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Librarian: Nope, sorry not recommending this one for purchase. Even if we needed spy novels right now (which we don't), this one just isn't worth picking up. it just doesn't have enough substance to make it one I can easily recommend. Maybe if we had a few older students who were into spy novels. Or course they'd also have to be into romance novels. And be in at least 11th grade. These books aren't for anyone younger than that.
Reader: This is, admittedly, not my genre. I'm not a regular reader of spy or romance novels. But even if I was I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this one. There just isn't a ton of substance. Maybe if it had focused more on the spy aspects than the romance. But it didn't and the book suffers, because of it. Honestly it feels more like one of those puppy dog vampire romances than it does any sort of spy romance.