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So, I finished The Red Ledger Reborn about 30 minutes ago and just couldn’t wait to write this review. I had to tell y’all about my thoughts on this book because it is your next must read!

Meredith Wild is a genius. I have loved her previous work and couldn’t wait to dive in. I read the blurb and it sounded mysterious and suspenseful…perfect! I read chapter 1 and wow that was a great way to lead into this story.

Isabel Foster has been living in Rio de Janiero leaving her previous life behind. She had started a new life, but with time and space apart she could not get her only love Tristan Stone out of her head. The last time she saw him was 6 years ago and there was something inside of her that wouldn’t let her give up on him. She was vulnerable which makes her so relatable as a character. She didn’t try to feel nothing for hookups it just happened. She thought that she was wrong for feeling a certain way.

“I hate myself for not being able to embrace it, because if I could, that means I could be normal. I could fall in love, make love, and carve out a normal future with a man like him. But I’m not healed all the way, and I’m not certain I ever will be.”

Well, fate thought it was time to intervene because Isabel and Tristan had a reunion that was totally unexpected and unusual. It wasn’t all happy happy joy joy. Tristan had come to kill her and he didn’t even remember who she was. WTF!

There were so many plot twists throughout this book. Some I expected and some just threw me for a loop in the best way possible. The Red Ledger Reborn was giving me John Wick vibes. But sorry John Wick there’s a new hot, badass in town and his name is Tristan.

Tristan lost something that was precious. His memory couldn’t just come back with the snap of a finger…I wish it was that way for him.

I have to applaud Isabel. She is stronger than she knows. Not many could handle having a target on their back while trying to jog her former lover’s memory at the same time. Now those are what I call SKILLS. One line from the book really stuck with me because I felt like no matter what she went through she had to keep going. Props to Makanga 😉

“Fall down a thousand times, get up a thousand and one.”

All the twists and turns were great, but I loved that underneath it all was a unique love story. No time apart or even some missing pieces in one’s memory could break the bond of these two characters. Although they weren’t the same people as they were 6 years ago, they learned from experiences and were trying to move forward. Tristan could actually imagine a life where he wasn’t always ticking names off his hit list. And that was huge! Isabel wasn’t a naive woman who expected a fairytale. She had seen and been through enough to know that. Not saying it couldn’t happen but she was learning to believe in her instincts and strength both physically and mentally.

I am a sucker for damaged characters. I want to see if they can overcome their adversities. Isabel and Tristan sure put in the effort to do so and it was a beautiful and uncommon journey they took.

WOW. That ending was so unpredictable. I am eager to read more and see how their story unfolds!!! Can it be November 13th already? Pretty please?!

I give The Red Ledger Reborn 5 RED STARS. The book as a whole was riveting keeping me on the edge of my seat as I read each page. Isabel and Tristan’s relationship was rare and exciting. It was an action-packed, hair-rasing romantic suspense novel that will leave readers gripping the novel and gasping at the end!