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Queenie tells the story of a 25 year old British Jamaican woman who is trying to find her place in this world. Her recent breakup with her steady boyfriend, Tom, sends her into a downward spiral. Not only is she reeling from her breakup, but she’s struggling at work because she wants to write about things that are important to her. She also has to deal with the daily struggles of being a Black woman and people making instantaneous judgements about her. She starts trying to fill the void of losing Tom with all the wrong things & all the wrong people.

This book was a pretty tough read for me! But I say that because it was in a good way. As someone who is going g through a divorce after being with someone for almost 10 years, I’ve been struggling to find my place in this world. This book helped me do a personal check on my life right now and the changes I can make to become a better me.

When I tell you this book totally surprised me & threw me for a loop, I’m not lying. I went into this book just expecting to read an entertaining story, but instead found a story that spoke to me in all the ways I needed. Queenie will definitely hold a special place in my heart and will be one of my all-time favorite books! Queenie gets a very well deserved 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟