A modern tale

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Queenie is a young woman of Jamaican descent living in current day London. She works a low level job as a journalist, has her small circle of friends (who she dubs "The Corgis") and has recently "taken a break" from her white boyfriend. Queenie spends much of the novel longing to get her boyfriend back. She takes a stab at online dating with OKCupid, but just meets not so nice guys who are only after one thing.

The novel was humorous even though it dealt with some dark subjects like Queenie's mental health and her poor choices regarding her sex life (unprotected sex with multiple men she met online). You can't help but like and feel for Queenie even as her choices make you say "noooooooooo!". The novel also touches on the subject of racism.

I recommend this for fans of Bridget Jones...however be warned it is definitely darker than Bridget Jones in terms of Queenie's sexual choices.

I rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.