Helpful "Science Fiction"

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This book is dedicated to helping science fiction writers avoid common tropes, silly monsters, how to not accidentally incorporate someone else's idea, how to avoid plot holes, and more. Basically, the book is a guide to writing science fiction. The book has many different sections, collected by the editor. All of the sections are written by great sci fi creators, talking about things to be aware of when writing science fiction. My favorite sections were: "The Science of Toxins and Poisoning", "The Science of Jurassic Park", and "Zombie Microbiology 101". These sections were excellent in explaining how to accurately use toxins and poisons, the science behind regeneration and reanimation, and the last section talked about how science would work if zombies were real. I think this is a great advice book on writing, and it will definitely improve my writing in the future.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.