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Putting the Science in Fiction is an engaging look into how to write science fiction realistically. I learned things, questions things and even had a laugh. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone writing science fiction.
The book is comprised of essays by different experts telling of things in pop culture that makes them cringe. The majority of the essays then tell you how to fix that in your own writing. Many of these have a sense of humor making education fun without having the feeling that people are yelling at you.
I thought some of the essays were too short; I wanted to know more! But each writer was given a certain amount of space to explain a variety of topics including FTL speed, contained ecosystems, lab work and how to grow organs.
The majority of the essays are easy to understand and if they weren't to begin with, the authors made the ideas clear to use amateurs. There was only one or two that I truly didn't understand.
This collection is a fun and educational experience into the world of science and how it can enrich your fiction.