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A book to both educate and entertain

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I’ve never reviewed a non-fiction book before so here goes nothing. Are you a fucking nerd? Is your roommate a fucking nerd? Is that one friend of a friend who got brought to a Friendsgiving dinner but isn’t really close to anyone else a fucking nerd? Congrats, this book is for all of you! All jokes aside, I’ve never seen a book more quickly capture the interests of a bunch of STEM majors and I know some pretty nerdy people.

What makes this book so fun is that as a lover of both science and Science Fiction, it’s really awesome to read about topics that come up in Sci-Fi from the perspective of people who’ve dedicated literal decades of their life to that topic. Through a collection of short essays, we see experts talk about various common mistakes they see and things about their field that get overlooked and that they would like to see more.

This book is geared towards teaching authors who are unfamiliar with a field how to make their science more realistic and convincing and I think this book did a really good job with that. As a mechanical engineering student myself, I know next to nothing about biology or chemistry or really anything that involves squishy organic bits and I definitely felt like I learned something in the bio/neuro/chem sections. Even more importantly though, I think the various authors do a really good job in pointing out new areas of interest an author may want to look into if they’re writing something about their field.

Overall, I rate this book a 5/5. Through this collection of short essays, I was both entertained and educated about various topics that often crop up in science fiction.