Thrilling urban mystery

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Promise Boys was great for many reasons, the main one being that I could not put it down. Here are all the things I loved about it.

The cover- The red color is very eye-catching and symbolic. It highlights a drawing of the three main characters, posing for what appears to be a mugshot. The silver font really pops and reminds me of the writing that might be painted on the wall of a murder crime scene.

The story - This story is very fast-paced. Each chapter focuses on a different character. The multiple perspectives keep you guessing the whole time. While right away the three boys claim their innocence, you cannot help but wonder who actually killed Principal Moore. Police reports, emails, and newspaper articles are also interspersed throughout the book.

The characters - All three main characters are very different, but you cannot help but like them and find yourself cheering for them. They come from different backgrounds and although on the surface they seem capable of murdering their principal, each one has too much to lose by doing so. They have hopes and dreams. Their families sent them to Promise so they can achieve those dreams. Unfortunately their dreams quickly turn into a nightmare after each boy has a run-in with Principal Moore on the day of his murder.

I cannot recommend Promise Boys enough. It is the perfect ya urban suspenseful mystery.