Powerful story, cleverly written!

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One of my favorite books of 2023! I absolutely love how this book put us in each character's shoes and explored how all the different characters were thinking and feeling. It reminded me of Wonder by R.J. Palacio, in that it took the time to make us see things from everyone's point of view not just the main three boys.

This was a fast-moving story, that grabbed my attention and never let go. I enjoyed how the author explored issues of race, poverty, and inequality in our school systems and our nation's justice system. It felt very authentic, in how people rushed to judge the boys and how Principal Moore was upheld as this savior of young men. I liked how we saw that the school shifted over time until it was an unrecognizable prison holding these male students hostage instead of nurturing them into men.

The characters were really well written and no character was a stand up cardboard cut out. All characters were explored and it made for an excellent novel. I am looking forward to seeing what else this author creates in the future.