I liked it a lot

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I really liked Promise Boys. I liked that it was short and it had a slew of POVs but more because it was a mixed media format than because you needed to keep track of who was whom. A principal is dead and three young men of color are the suspects. These young men were not the only men of color in this private preparatory school but they became prime suspects for various reasons, each having some sort of altercation with the white principal prior to his being found murdered. It's juicy. It's a juicy story. I love how not all that you think is true, in numerous ways, in how characters are relating to other characters in this book. This prep school though was abysmal. No talking in class, in the halls, at lunch, they had to follow a blue line in the hallway like they're five-year-olds. It was messed up. That's now how you get upstanding, fine young men. To not be allowed to communicate with their peers, how weird is that?! An important part of school, public and private, is socialization. So this control freak of a principal I already didn't care about in this book! But the relationships that the characters created and fostered despite being in bad circumstances and hard to relate to situations was what made this book for me. I really enjoyed it.