Great murder mystery

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Promise Boys was a great murder mystery. It was written really well and the pacing was just right as well. I really loved how it was setup and all the different POVs throughout. I loved that the beginning was when it happened, the middle was the what ifs/lies and then finally the truth. It really held my attention the entire time I read it and I honestly couldn't put it down (didn't really want to either.) The characters are nicely developed and I really enjoyed seeing how they related to each other as the story progresses. I honestly felt bad for these kids like honestly that's not a school at all and that's not how make great men either. I feel like the characters prove just how awful the school like the awful anxiety J. B has for example. The book is really easy to read and follow despite all the POVs in this. I think a good amount of teenagers will like this book especially if they like mysteries. I don't think you will be disappointed in this book so I most definitely want to read more by this author.