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This book was awesome! I listened to it as an audiobook and was absolutely transported! Both Selestra and Nox were an amazingly strong capable main characters. I appreciated their differenced and how they played off of one another. I found Selestra's adventures outside of the caged world that she had previously know to overthrow the king (and by extension her mother) were particularly interesting. I think this was one of the main reasons I felt that the world building and magic lore was so strong. You got to see everything, basically for the first time through Selestra's eyes. Also just the concept of the Somniatis Witch was really cool. Soul stealers that are revered and feared a pretty dang cool concept if you ask me!
I did have a few minor gripes though and my biggest one was (without spoiling it) how things ended up with her mother. Throughout the book it seems like her mother has an understanding and even regret for what is going on yet in the end that doesn't seem to be as present. If her mother that that her only way out was through *** slight spoiler ***
death than I would have liked that to be more apparent in their conversation.
Also, what happened to the bird? Was it freed?
But aside from those few quibbles I couldn't be happier with my experience reading this book!