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Princess of Souls follows protagonists Selestra and Nox as their fates are inexplicably intertwined. In this enemies-to-lovers, dual POV, romance story, Selestra and Nox learn to accept themselves, look to the future rather than being stuck in the past, and the importance of standing together against a common enemy.

The novel is fast-paced with a quest-style adventure set up. We follow Nox and Selestra from location to location as they use their skills and powers to avoid death at all costs. The characters are stubborn and sassy with lots of great witty dialogue and quips. The romance felt compelling and really enjoyable to read. I was rooting for Nox and Selestra the entire time.

The writing is strong and definitely reels you in. I found myself flying through the pages. I think the world building was also really well-done. I'd love to read more books set in this universe. And to top it all off, it's also a Rapunzel retelling! I'd recommend this one to fans of YA Fantasy, enemies to lovers romance, and fairy tale retellings.