Rapunzel Retelling? Sign Me Up!!!

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This is definitely a one of a kind story because I haven't read many books with witches who pretty much may or may not predict the future of someone's death. That really kept me on the edge of my seat thinking and wondering if the a death would really come or not. Not only did I keep reading because of the storyline and wanting to see how the book would unravel, but the diffrent POV's (point of view's) really kept me intrigued on what each person was thinking, which was fun to have. I related a bit too hard with the main character on the main character realizing that she'll never get her freedom even though that's all she ever wanted. I think many women and or girls or women presenting people's can relate relate to that in this kind of society, from all over the world. This book helped me gain back a little more insight and fight into my own spirit. And not give up as easily and helps me see that working together will be better than being an individual alone, because allways being alone makes you feel less powerful, but when with at least one more person, you'll feel a bit more confident and not as scared. I highly recommend for more to dig into this book!

Also the cover is instagramable, pleasing to the eye, grabs your attention easily and is unique.