Princess of Souls

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I love the art on the cover and the description of the book seemed very interesting which is how the book landed in my hands, but unfortunately that’s where it ends for me.
First off, I do want to say I am very grateful to be able to receive an ARC of this book. This is the first ARC I have ever received. I wish I was able to get sucked into the storyline, but unfortunately that just didn’t happen.
I put the book down to catch up on other reading for book clubs I’m in, and I just haven’t felt the desire to pick it back up. I found the storyline a little blah, but maybe I’m just not far enough into the book yet. I will try again at a later date to read the book and will update my review if I notice a change or if the book picks up after the halfway mark. Right now I am about 1/3 of the way through. The premise of the story sounded very interesting, and maybe I just need to get through the backstory part of the book to get to the meat of it. We will see