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"Princess of Souls" by Alexandra Christo is a Rapunzel retelling YA Fantasy novel that takes place in "To Kill The Kingdom" universe follows Selestra a witch bound to steal for an abominable king.

I would give "Princess of Souls" by Alexandra Christo a 2-star review because, 1; I love that this is, a Rapunzel retelling and I could definitely see it while reading but 2; I was severely disappointed by everything about this book.

I love the Greek and fairytale aspects of this book, I like the idea of the evil Rapunzel, I like how it's not the traditional retelling, the cover for this book is, very pretty, I also like the paranormal aspects of this novel, I really couldn't connect with the characters and thought that this was supposed to be an enemies to lovers novel but I felt to aspect of this in the novel. And I honestly felt that this was overly hyped.