Haunting in a Good Way

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This is a fascinating, refreshing look at the Rapunzel fairy tale. This Rapunzel character is one of the most deadly iterations I've encountered yet. She has to team up with an enemy turned ally to fight everything she's known, with some snarls and knots along the way. This story was engaging and kept me wondering what would happen next. I was hoping it would be a little darker, but that might be my taste for Halloween talking. I wasn't particularly into the male main character; he was just ok. I really rooted for one of the side characters, a lady's maid, to get everything she could ever want out of life. There were some comedic moments in the book, including some dramatic irony in a chase scene. Overall, this is a book worth reading due to its unique take on Rapunzel and the good pacing of the action. I look forward to seeing what the author does next.