Great fantasy, tons of action and tension

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Coming in at right around the 400 page mark, Princess of Souls is a decently long book, but it doesn't feel like it, with every chapter and sequence bringing something compelling to the table. The Rapunzel influence is there, but it isn't overt; if someone picked up this title without knowing that it would be an equally enjoyable reading experience in my opinion. One of my favorite things about Princess of Souls is how slowly we are given information about the magic of the Somniatis family, and Selestra's magic in particular. It's a central tenet of the worldbuilding, but remains shrouded to a certain degree for much of the book, which makes each small revelation a tantalizing crumb on the trail to a larger payoff. In addition to Nox and Selestra as the main point of view characters, the best friend of each was a welcome addition to round out the ragtag team in this very enjoyable fantasy adventure.