Good Read Even for Those Not Fully Versed In Fantasy

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I’m not fully versed in the fantasy genre, so I’m approaching this review as someone older than the target audience and as someone not overly familiar with the type of book. Right away, I was drawn to this book by the cover, which I found eye catching and suggestive of a quality production. The design of the book is very pretty.

I liked that this book was a retelling, albeit not strictly so. I have read other popular fantasy series like this, ACOTAR for example, and the loose inspirations are not bound to the plot but instead foundational. I liked the writing style, which wasn’t too simple or too over the top either (which happens for me often with fantasy). Things like the amount of characters, character and place names, magic systems etc were easy enough to follow for a novice in the genre.

One of the selling points for me was the action scenes — I liked the pace that went along with it, as well as the supernatural element of the souls.

I think the world building was also pretty good. It reminded me of a standard ya fantasy, not too hard and not too bland either.

Ultimately, I’m going to recommend to any reader, especially between 13-16 and YA fantasy series fans. Even though I’m not in those categories, I found enough positives to enjoy the book and might even look into others by the author!