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The cover for this book is so beautiful!! I think I fall more in love with it the longer I look at it. But the art isn't the only great thing about this book. I always love a good fantasy read with fun and interesting characters and this delivered. I especially liked the side cast, especially because they were so witty! I think the four of them really worked well as a group, which I really enjoyed. I think often side characters are either neglected or overshadow the main cast, but here they fit just right

I also just thought the main plot was really cool. I mean, witches and being able to see someone's death?! Scary and traumatizing, but, as a reader, also cool. I think that this book really shows how you can be different from your roots and teaches us that standing up for our beliefs is important. Also, the romance was cute!

There were two plot points that made me really sad but I also understand that sometimes things have to happen for us to grow up. I just wish I hadn't been so emotionally attached, haha. I'm glad I read this!!