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From Alexandra Christo we are brought an epic tale of love & loss, trust & faith, good versus evil. A sheltered princess and her seamstress join forces with two Last Army soldiers determined to kill the king and end an era of tyranny.

You’ll be swept away in the adventure as Selestra does everything she can to keep Knox alive.

The author keeps you turning the pages from beginning to end, asking yourself what will happen next, how are they going to triumph over this next scrape.

When Knox and the crew reach the island to search for the magical item his father searched for, they find it’s not a thing after all. Selestra and Knox must enter the Forest of Ghosts on a quest before she can gain the magic of her lineage. But the quest is more than just defeating the shadows, dead armies, and snakes. Knox and Selestra must come to terms with their own relationship before they can defeat evil and triumph in the end.