Best YA Fantasy I've read in months!

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The book cover caught my attention and the synopsis hooked me. This is the first book I've read by this author and I absolutely loved it! The best YA Fantasy I've read in months. The Fantasy storyline is the main focus of this book and the tiny sliver of Romance is enemies to lovers. A 16-year-old witch on the path of taking over a horrible job her mother currently has to help a tyrannical king is pushed into more than she bargained for. All she wanted was freedom and quickly realized she'd never have it. A young man looking for revenge against the king for his father's death who wants to topple his reign realizes that not everything is black and white. Enemies working together to survive with some magic thrown in? Sold! I am definitely going to read more books by this author. Great story, strong characters, and a fight to end a horrible reign. Very much YA appropriate.